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Last updated May 24, 2024

****************  Summer Break  ****************

21 May
The Rapid Ratings Risers for the summer half of term are Josh (+120), Bethany (+87) and Louie (+86).  Well done!
Welcome to new members Sam B and Silby.
Attendance stats for the season, out of a possible 32 sessions:  Nelabh 31, Bethany 28, Ruru 28, Vincent 26, Oscar L 24, Shreyas 21, . . . .

6 April
Shreyas, Yuan, Josh, Mihir & Bethany represented our club in the Devon Team Quickplay for adults.
There were a total of 12 teams - from around Devon, and also from Bristol and Southampton!  The opposition was much stronger than our team who were outranked by an average of 530 rating points in each game.  However, they all played well, making their opponents work really hard, and scored 5 pointssmiley  Shreyas played an International Master!
Many thanks to Rob for organising out team.

26 March
Vincent (+121) and Bethany (+108) are the Rapid Ratings Risers for the second half of Spring Term 2024.
Also rising significantly were Kenji, Kieran, Mihir, Neelabh.

24 March
Bovey Tracey Chess Weekend.

  • U12:
    came 2nd with a score of 5/6 - well done!

    Yuan came 3rd with a score of 4/6 - also good!
  • U10:
    scored a cfreditable 3/6.

19 March
Welcome to new members Luca B and Joseph.

12 March
A record club attendance of 17 !!
Welcome to new members Leo, Louie and Mokshith.

10 March
More success for our ex member Pengxiao!  He was joint runner up in the inaugural Wells Chess Congress Open Section, for adults.  The event was won by Devon's Grandmaster Keith Arkell scoring 4½ / 5.
Pengxiao, Year 8, finished a close second on 4 / 5, including a victory over an International Master!
Many congratulations!

5 March
Welcome to new member Jack.

3 March
5th Simon Bartlett Memorial Chess Congress for adults.

  • Open:  Ex member Pengxiao scored 2½ / 5.
  • Intermediate U1750:  On a score of 2½ / 5  Vincent was undefeated!  Well done.
  • Minor U1600: Ex member Suhayl was  =1st with a score of 4 / 5.  A great performance!

27 February
Welcome to new member Blake.

13 February
Josh and Kenji are the Rapid Ratings Risers for the first half of Spring Term 2024.  Since joining in January, they are both ascending very fast in the rankings!

4 February
6th Torquay Boys’ Grammar School Junior Open - here are our highlights . . . 

  • U12's :
    1st=  Shreyas & Yuan,  each scoring 5 / 6 - congratulations!
  • U10's :
    Well done to Bethany & Mihir who came 3rd=, scoring 4 / 7.

30 January
Welcome to new member Rico.

16 January
A record attendance of 16!
Welcome to new members Phoebe and Jonah.

13 January
Vincent, Shreyas & Oscar L. represented the Devon U14 Team on boards 5, 6, 7 in Chepstow, against other counties.
The team came 3rd out of 7, and they scored 2, 2, 2½ respectively out of 3.  Well done!

9 January
Welcome to new member Josh.

2 January
Welcome to new member Kenji and to guest visitor Zara.

**************** Happy New Year 2024! ****************

12 December
Rapid Ratings Risers for the second half of term are Yuan with +151 and Bethany with +81.  Well done!
A big pat on the back for Neelabh who was the only member to attend all 13 club sessions since the re-start in September!  Another 4 members played 12/13 and 2 more 11/13.
Welcome to new member Sam.

2 December
DJCA Devon Individual Championships - here are our highlights . . . 

  • U13's :
    1st  Shreyas scoring 5½  / 6 - congratulations on becoming champion!
    2nd Vincent scoring 5 / 6 - a close runner up.
    High achievers : Yuan 4 / 6 and Mirza 3 / 6

  • U18's:
    1st  Pengxiao scoring 5½  / 6 - congratulations to our ex member on becoming champion!
    High achiever Suhayl 3 / 6 - another ex member.

Full details can be see on the DJCA site.

21 November
Welcome to new member Oscar H.

31 October
Welcome to new member Mirza.

17 October
Rapid Ratings Risers for the first half of term are Vincent with +211, Yuan with +111, Mihir +75 and Flynn with +72.  Well done all.

15 October
Most of the club's regular players turned out to play in the DJCA Riviera Tournament in Brixham!  Here are the results: -

  • U14 section:  Oscar scored 4 / 6.
  • U12 section:  Yuan came joint first with 4 / 6 - congratulations!  Shreyas and Flynn both scored 3 / 6.
    ( Vincent played in this section, despite being over age, but could not have done better with 6 / 6! )
  • U10 section:  Mihir came first with 6 / 7 and Ruru came second with 5½  / 7 - congratulations to both!

See DJCA site for full details of results.

12 September 2023
First club night of the new chess season!  Welcome back to players from last season and welcome to new members Neelabh and Ruru.

****************  Summer Break  ****************

Vincent entered the adult Riviera Congress in Torquay in September.  He played in the U1700 section, way above his club rating, and had 2 wins, a draw and only one lost.  Great! 

Pengxiao successes: -

  • Second in the British U14 Championships, in Leicester, in July - unbeaten on 6/7.  He could have entered the U12 event!
  • First in the UK Chess Challenge U12 Online Gigafinal.  So, he has qualified for the Terafinal at Blenheim Palace in October.
  • Represented England in the U12 Stokes Cup, against Scotland, Ireland & Wales.  He won all of the games that he played.

****************  Summer Break  ****************

23 May
Last club of the season
Welcome to new member Yuan.

2 May
Welcome to new members Zico and Luca.

25 April
Rapid Ratings Risers for April are Bethany with +71 (try not to let it drop again) and Conrad with +56 (two months in a row!).

22 April
Congratulations to Mihir who was joint winner of the Exeter District Cubs Chess Tournament and holds a huge wooden trophy!

14-16 April
The East Devon Chess Congress for adults was held at the Corn Exchange in Exeter at the weekend - 5 games lasting up to 4 hours each!
Congratulations to a couple of former EJCC members:

  • Major U1900   Reece was joint winner with a score of 4½/5.
  • Minor U1650   Suhayl won a rating prize (1550-1400) with a score of 3/5.

28 March
Rapid Ratings Risers for March are Archie with +141 and Conrad with 109.  Huge jumps!
Welcome to new member Logan.

21 March
Welcome to new member Flynn.

28 February
Rapid Ratings Riser for February is Tejas with +50.  Well done.
Welcome to new members Amy and Vincent.

25 February
DJCA Open Spring Tournament 2023 at Teign School, Kingsteignton results:

  • U15  Tejas 3/6
  • U13  3rd=  Oscar 4/6
  • U11  3rd  Shreyas 4½/6, and  Kieran 4/6
  • U9   2nd  Archie 5/6, and  3rd  Mihir 4/6

In the Devon Team Quickplay event for adults, Pengxiao represented Exeter Chess Club in one of their teams.  Also, in the morning Individual Blitz competition (including Grandmaster John Nunn!) he won the U2000 rating prize with 4/7!
Congratulations and well played to all. smiley

21 February
Welcome to new members Archie and Kieran.

7 February
Welcome to new member Conrad.

31 January
Rapid Ratings Risers for January are Oscar L with +86 and Mihir with +70.  Congratulations!

15 January
More success for Pengxiao!  in the Somerset Chess Congress for adults, he came first with a scored 4½ / 5 in the Intermediate Section for 32 players with ratings under 1787.  He earned a cash prize!  Congratulations. smiley

3 January 2023
Welcome to new member Harry.
Well done to Pengxiao for his super performance in the London Junior Chess Championships U12 Major.  This was an invitational event with 60 competitors playing 3 games on each of 3 days.  Pengxiao came joint 3rd with a score of 6½ / 9, only one point behind the winner.

**************** Happy New Year 2023! ****************

13 December
Bethany is the Rapid Ratings Riser for December with +80.  Congratulations!

3 December
Devon Individual Championships: -
Congratulations to Shreyas who became Devon U11 Champion with 6 wins out of 6 games!
U13 section:  Oscar L scored 3½  / 6 and  Tim scored 3 / 6
U15 section:  Tejas scored 4 / 6
U18 section:  Suhayl (member before Covid) scored 2½ / 6
See DJCA site for full details of results.

29 November
3 new members joined the club - welcome to Pablo, Oliver and Bethany.  The attendance is growing - 12 this week.
Rapid Ratings Risers for November are Oscar L with +158 and Mihir with +138.  Well done!

22 November
2 more members joined the club for the season, one returning from before Covid and one new to the area.  Welcome Oscar W. and Quinlin.
N.B.  Blue rain jacket left behind - can be collected at the club next week.

20 November
Congratulations to Finn for coming second in the Under 8 section of the DJCA Novice Tournament 2022 B (East Devon).

15 November
Observation from this week's club:  After your opponent makes a move, don't just press on with your plan without spending a while looking at it to see what they are trying to do.  Maybe they are threatening you?  Maybe they have blundered and put a piece in a position where you can capture it - this happened twice whilst I was watching, once a Queen and once a Rook!!

8 November
A couple of experienced members played some speed chess games using a chess clock this week.  Speed chess is fun, but it does not improve your chess skill.  You need thinking time to look for the best move in any given position.

1 November
Sadly, 14 players have not returned to the club after the two and a half year Covid break.  I have archived them on my database system, but it would be very easy to re-activate them!  Hopefully, some will return before Christmas . . . 

28 October
Congratulations to Shreyas for being the Rapid Ratings Riser for October, with +56 points!

25 October
A commendation goes to Oscar for being the only player to turn up to the club in the half term holiday!

18 October
Congratulations to Dr.Dave who won the Exeter Chess Club Bubble Blitz tournament. Yay!

17 October
Pengxiao Successes: -

  • In the English Closed U12 tournament on 1st & 2nd October, Pengxiao had 3 wins and 2 draws giving him a score of 4/5 in a field of 22 players.  This was the joint top score and he was the winner on a tie break!
  • He also reached the UK Chess Challenge U12 Terafinal held at Blenheim Palace on 16th & 17th October with only 11 other UK players.  He had a tough time in that event but did really well to get there.

20 September 2022

Exeter Junior Chess Club is up and running again, after the Covid break - hooray!  Tell your friends that we are back . . .It's been great to see previous members Tim, Shreyas, Tejas and Pengxiao again, and also to meet some new members.  Hopefully the number of players each week will grow, as old members and new players hear about us.

The major change to the club is that we have moved to Tuesdays, and we now have to charge a small fee - see Membership for details.

Another change is that player grades have gone and been replaced by ratings.  These internal ratings run in the same way as the ECF rating system.  Limited highlights will be published here after they settle down.