Useful Links

Last updated November 03, 2022

Exeter Chess Club - site run by DrDave with a Junior Section.

Devon Junior Chess Association (DJCA) - site also run by DrDave.

There are many online chess sites for adults around the world to play each other.  Lichess is a good choice, and it is free!  Several stronger EJCC members already play there.
There are lots of learning opportunities, with practice tutorials and puzzles graded from beginner to advanced.  If you set up an account (Mums and Dads should do this), then these are personally tailored to you.
There is a computer opponent that you can play and on Level 1 it is suitable for beginners - it deliberately misses many opportunities to win!
As with all online activity, there are potential safeguarding issues.  However, if you set up an account, click on your chosen name towards the top right of the screen and choose preferences, there is a Kid Mode button on the left of the screen.  If this is activated then you see a smiley face icon, and all chat between players is prevented (they can still signal "Good game", "Thank you", and "Well played").

ChessKid - a site specially for children, with safeguarding built in.  Parents need to set up an account and can monitor their child.

English Chess Federation, ECF - the governing body of chess in England.

International Chess Federation, FIDE - the governing body chess around the world.