About Exeter Junior Chess Club

Last updated December 09, 2023

Club History

Dave Regis has been involved in the current incarnation of Exeter Junior Chess Club for about 30 years.  He has assisted and been assisted by various people, currently David Beckwith, but would like to mention Alan Maynard, Les Wilson, and Ray Shepherd.

EJCC is very grateful for the use of Exeter Chess Club's equipment and the sharing of various premises during this time, and the supportive presence of several of its members when we were short staffed.

The club is a friendly environment for keen chess players of all ages to meet and play chess.  Informal coaching is given as the opportunity arises, but without formal teaching sessions.  When the club has had suitably strong chess players, teams have been entered in junior and adult competitions. 

Who is running this site?
David Beckwith, with the support of Dave Regis.

Who are they?

Dr Dave Regis (aka Dr.Dave)
Strong chess player, accredited as a national-level coach by the ECF and FIDE, chairman of the Devon Junior Chess Association and runs the Exeter Chess Club website.

David Beckwith (aka Mr.B)
Ran the Exeter School chess club for most of 40 years, with other organisational roles in junior & adult chess, including an earlier manifestation of this Junior Club.